Blockdot / 2008 - 2011

My time at Blockdot, an "adver-gaming" agency outfit now owned by Soap Creative Australia, is best described as a whirlwind adventure in interactive media production and publishing. 

In my three years or so working as a full stack .NET developer for Blockdot I delivered a myriad of different experiences and solutions for many different clients spanning a wide variety of industries.

From the humble Let's Play children's portal for Kimberly Clark's Huggies(tm) brand, to the technically complex and super fun for LEGO(tm), and the crowd-sourced clip-art tagging app, Microsoft(tm) Tagr. The experiences I helped build reached millions of users across the globe in so many ways.

Sadly, many of the projects I worked on are no longer available even by Wayback Machine, due to Blockdot's acquisition by Soap Creative. circa 2011 circa 2011