Globys / 2014-Present

Globys is a neat beast. It's a startup-like company that's been around for well over a decade but still keeps the lean, hungry feel of a new enterprise. When I joined in 2014 I became part of the Core Dev team tasked with creating the newly sanctioned green-field re-imagining of the company's successful but aging flagship product. As the team's first focused UI Engineer, I became responsible for most of the user experience implementation.

It felt really good to work with a real designer again. As a UI/X Engineer I'm pretty well adept at implementing whatever crazy ideas a client or designer might come up with, but I'm hardly a visual designer myself. The simple black & white color scheme of my website can attest to that. So I was happy to have some well-considered direction to my work. A method to my madness, if you will.

Over the past couple years I've contributed heavily to the implementation of one major product, and heavily influenced the UI/X implementation of a second. Over the last year, we've been migrating the UI opportunistically to BackboneJS from TactJS, and I've enjoyed the challenge. I've also had success implementing a common UX project shared by both products I straddle (and contributed to by members of each team), which has made resource sharing on common components super easy.

Of all the places I've worked until now I'm most proud of my work here. I plan to stick around for as long as they'll have me.  Circa 2016 Circa 2016