New Year New Website by Zach Mayer

Image Credit  Todaymade Blog

Image Credit Todaymade Blog

Well here I am in 2016. I've retired my old website that I hadn't updated in over 4 years and high on the adrenaline from my new role as co-host of The QQ Cast I'm officially starting a blog. Ok maybe it's not adrenaline. Maybe I'm looking at my pod-casting co-host Tom's internet presence and finally starting to feel inadequate.

Thanks Tom.

So what am I going to blog about? Well whatever I feel like I suppose. I started this website update with the intention of creating a new place to which I could link people looking for more information on me as a professional. That'll likely be the primary mission of the site, but I'm not going to pigeon-hole myself right off the bat.

As part of my litany of unmanageable new year's resolutions I'm hereby vowing to update this blog with something at least once per week. Even Tom can't say he's done 52 blog posts in a calendar year. Heh.

So I guess that's it. I'm starting a blog. It's a new year of adventures ahead and some wonderful memories behi-oh my god it's like I'm turning into a cliché as I type. Geez. That's it. I'm signing off. We'll see what next week's update looks like.